Summerton Animal Shelter provides the best care for your pet!

About Us

We are here to train and care for your pets when you can't. Need your rabbit fed while you're away? Need some company for your kitty? Need to teach an old dog new tricks?

Found a stray? need a 24 hour vet? or just want to adopt?

Then You have Came To The Right Place!

  Contact us here.


Our services include training, daily walks, feeding, playing with your pet, grooming, and clean-up. You can rely on us whether you’re away for a few days or weeks. We also provide daily dog-walking services. And we are just a bark, meow, or chirp away! We also are vet and shelter for your convience! 


We are qualified to care for and train any type of pet, and have excellent training. We are experienced with dogs, cats, birds, rodents (rabbits are a specialty), reptiles, amphibians, and fish.


Coming Soon


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